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Why Search Fuel for Philadelphia Search Engine Optimization?

Here’s what’s in it for YOU:

You don’t have to make a long-term commitment.

How about month-to-month contracts for a change?

Although we do offer long term Philadelphia Search Engine Optimization contracts, we also believe that putting your trust in us by handing over the keys to your SEO is a big commitment, so our approach to client contracts is simple: We earn your business every month. You’re here for results and our focus is on achieving them for you instead of on how your account will make our balance sheet look in six months.

You have complete visibility.

It’s your money. You should always know where it’s going.

Everything we do for you is out in the open. You’ll receive detailed Philadelphia Search Engine Optimization reports every month in language that lets you know how your budget is being used and how well it’s working. You shouldn’t have to know how to do SEO yourself to be able to decipher your SEO agency’s work on your behalf.

This is what goes into our PA SEO strategy development:

Key Word Research – Everything we do begins with data and that’s especially true with keyword research. We do more than find the best search patterns that people enter into the search engines in your target area—we also identify the best keywords that show intent to buy. We review your competition for these keywords and target the sweet spot between keywords with enough traffic and the least amount of competition to make the quickest impact on your business.


SEO Optimization – We use the data our extensive keyword research yields to optimize your website content, ensuring the right keywords are used prominently throughout. We don’t believe in keyword stuffing or keyword ratios—instead, we create great copy that incorporates your main keywords and synonyms so that it reads well and provides SEO signals to the search engines. We focus on optimizing your URLs, title tags, meta descriptions, H1 to H6 heading tags, image alt text, and bolded text. We look for ways to naturally place your keyword phrases in these important spots to improve the relevancy of your content to search engines and users.


Content Strategy – No SEO campaign is complete without a robust content strategy, and ours isn’t limited to blog posts like most SEO companies. Although keyword research is the starting point of a good content strategy, it doesn’t end there. We review the type of content that ranks highest and analyze the content features that contribute to rankings, such as the word count of the top page. We look for numbered lists, how-to guides, videos, checklists or a comprehensive FAQ section, all of which are the components that go into quality content. We identify what Google is already ranking to understand what we need to build to overtake the #1 spot. We then upgrade all of the content that is linked in your navigation to make sure we have sufficient word counts to rank well. We then focus on the long-form content that Google prefers to rank higher than service or product pages.


Link Building – Links back to your website are still one of the most important search engine ranking signals. It’s also a practice that has been abused by SEO companies and caused penalties to be incurred in the past. Currently, Google is favoring devaluing links over penalizing, so following a natural link building process is key to avoid wasting your budget. Our link building approach is based on solid content marketing strategies. We use your newly created long-form content as the basis for our link building outreach campaigns. We reach out to relevant and authoritative websites in your industry or a closely related field to write relative content citing your long-form content as a resource with a link back to the article. This is a completely natural form of link building that’s labor intensive but yields a small number of valuable links that can bring both traffic and links at a sustainable pace month to month.


Transparent Reporting – We hear too often from prospective clients that they never know what their Philadelphia Search Engine Optimization agency is doing for them. At Search Fuel, we provide you with simple yet thorough SEO reports each month. We don’t just report on metrics but also break down the metrics that are most important to you, such as keyword rankings, and traffic increases. We configure your reporting to make sure we’re tracking the various ways a lead is generated from your website so you know exactly how your SEO campaign is performing month-over-month and year-over-year. Even though SEO can be a technical exercise, your reports don’t have to be. Have reporting questions? Great—we have answers so let’s get on a call to discuss them.


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